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[NEW] Fear technology, not the virus.

Aman Parewa - June 23, 2020 - 0 comments

Fear technology, not the virus.

COVID-19 Pandemic has had an enormous impact on consumers and
the industry. The quarantined directives radical shifts in demands for
certain product categories and supply difficulties of certain market
segments have disrupted habitual behavior and seen the emergence
of new alternatives as well as opportunities for growth. It has set the
stage like never before! Things are well-functioned and innovative.


Technology and science are live again with a different perception of innovation.

“Think solution, Not the product”- focus on providing a solution to the cure(consumers), not differentiating; problem rather than ideal product. Few companies have worked on this agenda like Hyundai –sooner revised its Assurance policy of 2009 (for financial relief), a solution to deferred payments of new buyers. Zomato, Uber offering “no-touch” and “social-distancing” policies recently.

“Think access, not just place & the price”– think about the value. The best example to deliver is, Drones are used(currently) to deliver essentials. The drone section received a hype as more and more businesses employ Drones for safe delivery of products, during the pandemic. Also, online shopping sites thrive consumers, were shut initially (first few lockdowns), later reopened, made a huge profit.


The technology has even raised in the “Robotic Industry”, robots are being deployed in the healthcare sector (serving as no-touch sanitizer machines as well as carrying essential tools), govt sector, and so on. Previously, these were confined to renowned institutions but now, as human contact is severely shut, these artificial gadgets come as foolproof to do in tasks for us. Forecasted, future hype.

The Crazy Quilt– online streaming services, keep gathering more and more consumer hype. The IT industry is at its peak as its services are available worldwide. Also, e-learning platforms and web-based meeting apps. Like, Microsoft-Teams, Amazon, and many others. During this pandemic, technology is the only option left to connect i.e. giving vulnerable populations vital information. Facebook has ‘generated maps’ that display population density, demographics, and travel patterns, enabling researchers to decide where to send supplies or how to mitigate an outbreak. Similarly, Facebook, Google, and Twitter is working to identify and ‘eliminate information’ about the coronavirus, directing users to reliable sources at the CDC and WHO.

-Different methods of technology are being tried and tested. Sooner, few diagnostic test kits were developed by the researchers, as the virus news was out. The first kit, commercially available for purchase, was brought up by “Veredus Laboratories, Singapore”, tests ‘three different kinds of coronavirus’ within two hours; self-testing named as “Lab-on-chip”. Also, “Metaboita”, another tech company to analyze the spread of coronavirus.

-Artificial Intelligence (AI) has also proved why it is the best technology, at present. “BlueDot, a Canadian company”, scans 50k+ articles in 65 different languages, daily to spread absolute information about public health. This company was able to alert the common public, before WHO and CDC. Normally, the healthcare apps like MEDITECH, GetWellNetwork, others are also using AI to screen the common symptoms of coronavirus and alert them to get evaluated for the same before it reaches out to the surroundings around.


-Screening involves some type of physical examination, such as a temperature check. If it is determined that there is a significant risk from the screening, there are underlying conditions and/or symptoms are being presented, then a laboratory test may be ordered; Followed by data process & analysis. The “Go.Data” application has been designed for the same i.e. screening and contact tracing, by WHO, with Data-Protection. Thus, when the market structure upgrades, along come the new innovative-opportunities. Those who quit, fail to bring the change, are usually stepped-over & forgotten. Pave the way to new dimensions!

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